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AUSD Sells Eagle Avenue Property to Alameda Housing Authority
Posted 9/2/21


Alameda, CA – Last month the Board of Education for the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) unanimously approved the sale of the district’s property at 2615 Eagle Street to the Housing Authority of the City of Alameda (AHA). The sale price was $2.5 million, and the property is now in escrow.


The 1.05-acre property has served as AUSD’s Maintenance Yard since 1924 and housed trade shops (such as for carpentry, plumbing, gardening, painting, and HVAC) and a district warehouse. Over the years, however, buildings and pavement on the site had fallen into significant disrepair and were even unsafe in some areas.


Public discussions about what to do with the three parcels on the site began in September, 2017, when the Board first gave direction to staff to form a District Advisory Committee to analyze and make recommendations on various real estate holdings, including not only the Maintenance Yard, but Lum Elementary School, the Bachelor’s Office Quarters, and the Food Services warehouse.


Over the next several years, the district re-acquired the Miller Elementary School Site on Singleton Avenue from the U.S. Navy with the intention of converting it into a new Maintenance Yard. The District Advisory Committee also recommended designating the Eagle Avenue parcels “surplus property,” as it was no longer needed for educational purposes.


The Board formally declared the Maintenance Yard property surplus in August 2020 and, four months later, the State Board of Education approved the District’s request to sell the property.  In June, 2021, the Board selected the proposal submitted by the City of Alameda’s Housing Authority. That proposal included 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments, as well as onsite parking, tenant common spaces, onsite property management, and social services. 


The Board approved the sale on August 10, 2021. (A full timeline is available below.)


AHA’s housing developments typically carry a preference for those who live or work in Alameda; qualifying AUSD employees will receive an extra point in lotteries for the rental units. 


“This agreement between AUSD and AHA helps both agencies attain valuable resources at this time,” Superintendent Pasquale Scuderi says. “AHA now has a site for much-needed affordable housing in this town, and AUSD now has a bigger, safer Maintenance Yard, as well as secure funds to relocate the food services warehouse from its current location on Clement Avenue to the Singleton facility. These kinds of partnerships serve to make communities more united, more cohesive, and more resilient; it has been a pleasure working with the Housing Authority.”




September 12, 2017: Board of Education Hears Presentation on Forming District Advisory Committee to Review Real Estate Holdings and Make Recommendations


May 12, 2018: Board Approves Resolution Authorizing and Directing Staff to Take Necessary Action to Begin the Process of Disposing of Surplus Property


August 14, 2018: Board of Education Approves Deed to Acquire Miller School From U.S. Navy


May 12, 2020: Board Approves Authorizing and Directing Staff to Take Necessary Action to Begin the Process of Disposing of Surplus Property


June 23, 2020: Board Approves Resolution No. 2019-2020.66 Adopting District Advisory Committee Recommendation Declaring 2615 Eagle Avenue Alameda, CA 94501 (Former Maintenance Yard) Exempt Surplus Property  District Advisory Committee’s Findings and Recommendations


August 25, 2020: Board Approves Resolution No. 2020-2021.08 Authorizing Staff to Submit a Waiver Application to the State Board of Education, Declaring Property "Exempt Surplus Land," and Authorizing Staff to file a CEQA Exemption Regarding the Former Maintenance Yard  


January 21, 2021: Board of Education Approves Resolution of Intent to Sell Exempt Surplus Real Property


June 22, 2021: Discussion of Proposals Received Regarding Former Maintenance Yard Facility Located at 2615 Eagle Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501 


June - August 2021: Negotiations Between AUSD and AHA


August 10, 2021: Board of Education Approves Purchase & Sale Agreement