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Getting Started with Zoom Conferencing

basic directions

How will you Zoom? 

1. You can access Zoom via by Android, by IOS, by Windows, by Mac, by any device that allows you to install the Zoom application.  

2. Students and parents are attendees. They do not initiate meetings. 


Where do students and parents find the Zoom conference information? 

  1. For Students: Teachers will post Zoom meeting links in Google Classroom.
  2. For Parents/Guardians/Public: Teachers and staff will post links based on the activity--private conference, committee meeting, or public event by: 

                 a) Sending links via email or Aeries Communications. 

                 b) Posting links on the AUSD Website, Facebook, and Twitter for public meetings.

What are some protocols that teachers may use during a Zoom conference?

  1.  Enabling the waiting room and admitting only known participants.
  2.  Muting participants upon entry.  
  3.  Calling on attendees who raise an electronic hand (by clicking on the "Participants"icon at the bottom of the screen and then clicking on the "Raise Hand" icon at the bottom of the list of participants) or by raising an actual hand so that the teacher can see the student on camera.
  4.  Reminding students to unmute themselves when speaking.  
  5. Allowing students to chat is according to teacher discretion when monitored during the class.
  6. Disallowing private chat between students.

What sorts of expectations do teachers have during Zoom conferences?

  1. Students' video should be on for scheduled Zoom sessions.
  2. Students should not be distracted by video games or phones while in Zoom sessions.
  3. Students must identify themselves under real names (first and last).
  4. Students should use appropriate language, and all within camera range should be dressed.
  5. There is no photographing, recording and/or taking screenshots without permission from all.
  6. Chat, when allowed, should be respectful and move the conversation forward. 
  7. Virtual backgrounds, though interesting, are discouraged to avoid abuse.
  8. Students can be removed from a meeting for inappropriate behavior. 
  9. When a teacher ends the meeting, the meeting is finished. Students cannot stay behind without the teacher present. This is a virtual classroom.  
  10. At the teacher's discretion, students can participate in supervised social time. 

Ready to practice?

Just click on this ​ ​Zoom Test​. ​This is not a real meeting--we promise! It’s just a really great way to see what it’s like to be a participant in a Zoom video conference. Check out the whiteboard, chat function, and other features.